How Dating Services Took Over the World
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How Dating Services Took Over the World

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How Dating Services Took Over the World

It wasn’t so long ago that dating services were something of a taboo in Australia. A study released in 2014 showed how the industry had grown exponentially in only five years, following a consistently low level of interest in the years leading up to 2009. The same report valued the Australian dating services industry at $113m, a figure that is continuing to grow as we enter the second half of the decade. So what caused this shift? And what does the future hold for the burgeoning dating services industry?
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A Change in Perception

There is now no specific age range or cultural demographic which dating services can target. People from all walks of life and of all age groups now use dating services either for fun or to find a meaningful, long-term connection. It is estimated that around 20% of serious relationships now begin via a dating service. A figure that was unheard of ten years ago.

One of the most frequently cited reasons for this change in the perception of dating services is a decrease in spare time. As people lead increasingly busy lives and experience more and more pressure in the workplace, finding time to circulate and meet new – and, most importantly, single – people is becoming more difficult, and so people are turning to dating services in increasing numbers.

Another reason is our increasing reliance on, and confidence in, technology. While friendship groups used to be centerd on local communities, they are now more likely to be spread over a larger area, as our means of keeping in contact and cultivating far-flung friendships become more and more reliable. If you can use technology to contact friends and even make new ones, why shouldn’t the same be true for romantic relationships?

What Does the Future Hold?

As the push and pull factors leading people towards online dating – and especially executive dating services like Blue Label Life – don’t appear to be going away anytime soon, we can expect the health of the industry to increase even further over the next few years.

A forecast in 2010 predicted that the number of active profiles on dating sites and in matchmaking service databases would have increased by a third by 2020. Halfway through the decade, it appears the industry is well on its way to surpassing that target.

So, dating services are here to stay. No longer are such services the preserve of people with no social lives. Instead, they are just another way to meet that special someone in an increasingly technocentric world.