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3 Myths About Dating in Your 40s

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3 Myths About Dating in Your 40s

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is no such thing as being too old to date. As society and attitudes change, increasing numbers of people over the age of 40 are joining the dating community.

Unfortunately, myths and misconceptions still abound about dating in the 40+ bracket. Don’t let that dissuade you from dipping your toes in the dating pond; we’ve debunked three of the most popular myths below, just for you.

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Anyone who is still single over the age of 40 is desperate

We’ll start with this one, as it’s quite a big one and it’s also completely wrong. The only people who think that any singleton over the age of 40 is desperate are the types of people who think such grossly offensive generalisations are perfectly acceptable and appear to be unaware that they too are aging.

In fact, people over 40 have the same thoughts, hopes, interests and desires as people below the big 4-0. To view slightly older people who are still single as desperate is simply patronising and inaccurate.

Singles over the age of 40 are divorced / separated / have kids

What do you want from a prospective partner? Someone who has spent their years wrapped in cotton wool in a convent in the Swiss Alps, or a well-rounded person with genuine life experience? Of course, many singles over the age of 40 will have experienced the breakup of a marriage, and may have children as a result, but many will not.

It’s unfair to make assumptions about someone just because of their age or marital status. And anyway, show me someone aged 29 who has no experience of breakups and failed relationships and I’ll show you someone who should be on the endangered species list.

Over-40s don’t want kids

These days the average age of couples having their first child is rising. While couples used to have children in their early 20s as part of the natural order, many modern couples are waiting until their 30s or even later to pop out that first sprog.

As we get older, our financial situations and our mindsets change. People who were against having kids in their 20s may begin to want them as they reach 40. Saying that someone doesn’t want kids because they are over 40 is like saying that someone doesn’t like Vegemite just because they’re not from Australia! There is simply no sensible or causal relationship between the two statements.